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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Photo by C. John Edwards his blogs are -
Suggested prompt...
Write of a sunrise.


I find it fascinating that no matter what culture, country, ethnicity, faith, heritage we hail matter where we are on the planet...A sunrise always signifies Beginnings, a chance to make good our transgressions, a clean slate. A phenomenon that we can all share matter who and where we are.

Dan Felstead

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Scriptor Senex said...

Every sunrise is different. As the days march towards summer the sun rises earlier and further to East. The clouds above and around it are always changing. The very light it brings is infused with different properties each brand new day. And who knows what weather the day will bring?

So too our lives should be different at each new dawn and who knows what the day will bring...

Louise | Italy said...

My millennium year's eve was a bit of a damp squib. Ten of us in a cottage, playing, of all things, some crazy murder-mystery-role-play thing. We ate Italian. We dranks and kissed at midnight and then everyone went to bed. WHAT? I stayed awake. If the people of Kiribati thought it was important to salute the sunrise on Millennium Eve, who was I to disagree? The night ticked along and I wandered out into the darkness. The fireworks had ended. The excitement over. In the next valley down, all was quiet except for an owl. But if he could stay up to salute the sunrise on Millennium Eve then so could I. A cat shot across my path as I headed along the lane. She was certainly out to celebrate the Millennium sunrise, and I agreed. As the night darkness faded, I walked slowly and pensively to the summit of a hill, and as the sun rose, it was orange and scarlet, a sight just for me. All those watchers asleep. Millennium sunrise, just for me.

Dan Felstead said...

I find it fascinating that no matter what culture, country, ethnicity, faith, heritage we hail matter where we are on the planet...A sunrise always signifies Beginnings, a chance to make good our transgressions, a clean slate. A phenomenon that we can all share matter who and where we are.


bARE-eYED sUN said...

i enjoy your prompts, and like your photos very much. thank you

i wrote a rather long piece, maybe too long for a comment. so, here's a piece of it.

We wait,
I give you light,
You give me life.
We are so young

i hear you hiss.
I burn.
i will tag you on my blog.
thank you again.

Laura Jayne said...

Scriptor - I love the last line here, beautiful words to hold hope by.

Louise - Welcome to PP&P. I love this story of how you spent those early morning hours waiting for the sun to rise. That line "a sight just for me." was very powerful in its emotion.

Dan - as always you write with such passion and this is particularly moving in its message. A new day indeed.

Sun - Welcome as well to PP&P and thank you for the nice compliments. Encouraging writers to write is a passion of mine and I am honored to share in the beautiful photography and artistry offered to me from the amazing people who allow me to use their images. I am glad you enjoy them as much as I do. Also, there is no limit on how much you can offer here. Long pieces are never discouraged. My only recommendation is that you write it first in a word program just in case there is any technical issues when posting. I have written 500+ words before and had blogger accept my comment with no issues. Write how you are inspired and share here. Thank you too for the tag on your blog and thank you for this wonderful poem.

Heather said...

She knelt down on the floor, trying to muster the last few breathes of strength that she had within her.

"Jesus", she said "I do believe. With all of my heart, I do. I know that you are God's Son. I believe that you died for all of my sins. Forgive me, Lord. Forgive me for not believing. I put my trust in You today; right now, I give you my life."

At each bit of darkness that she pulled from her soul, He threw it into the Pit. She felt a surge of warmth rush through her at that very moment. As the sun rises over the mountaintop each morning, she could feel her soul shining with the hope of a new day.

CDB said...

A new dawn
A new day for
All Country, Thee
We did it, the Change
That we all need be
We are grateful
and generous
The world
In fact,
We (also)

A Closet Writer said...

Sunrise, a new day...
to start fresh
to correct yesterday's mistakes
to learn
to forgive
and live to see another Sunrise.

Anonymous said...


Frigid fingers trace narratives 'pon dreary pane
rewinding the tick-tock of a heart's voiceless clock
gemstone hues chase away blues, unmerciful rain
morn beckons bright afresh journey's walk~

Lynda Lehmann said...

What a great blog you have!

Will have to come back and try writing to some of your prompts. (I write my own prompts, as well.)

I've written 4 young adult books and many stories and some poems, but I've tabled all that to do my art. I wish there were more time in a day. Maybe I'm just not fast enough! :(

If you ever want to check out, you are welcome to consider using some of my photos in your prompts.

Glad I discovered your site! I'm following... I love finding creative people!

Laura Jayne said...

Heather - Your passion for your faith always is such a beautiful part of your writing.

CDB - enjoyed this poem, it really worked well.

ACWriter - A wonderful message woven with your words.

PuraPoetica - wow, you have an amazing way with your words, crafted exquisitely.

Lynda - I am honored by your offer, and I will happily take you up on your offer. Keep an eye out, I have gone through all your amazing artwork on your site and picked out a few that I thought would make good prompts, I will use the first before the end of the month. I will link both your website and blog. Thank you.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Laura Jayne, I am honored, as well! I always love to network with creative people. Their creativity is a breath of fresh air and fluffs my own creative feathers!

Anonymous said...

Laura Jayne, thank you so much for your kind words!

CJ said...

When I visited Machu Picchu, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru in 1969, the day I arrived there were more than one hundred tourists roaming in and out of the roofless stone temples and shrines, across plazas and open courtyards, climbing terraces, admiring steps carved into the natural rocks. Yet a silence prevailed, with visitors talking in hushed tones, or not speaking at all, as if in a cathedral. The effect was breathtaking, peaceful, arcane ---almost magical.
        Most visitors returned to Cuzco the same day, but my traveling companions and I decided to spend the night.
        Before retiring to our rooms at the Turista Hotel, we requested a predawn wake-up call so that we could experience the sun rising over the Andes Mountains.
        The morning air was cold and tentative, with clouds hovering in the early stillness. After climbing the trail behind the hotel, we sat on the summit to obtain a bird’s-eye-view of the ruins. The sun inched its way over the tops of distant peaks, desolving the mist and slowly turning the stony grayness to yellow-gold. Watching the morning awake, I sat transfixed, gradually warmed by the sun, sensing a peaceful connection with the ancient past and engraving the haunting images of Machu Picchu on my mind.

        After additional explorations of the ancient ruins, we braved the hairpin curves downward. Despite our reckless van driver, we arrived safely at the train for our return trip to Cuzco.
        Perhaps the Inca gods were with us.

To read more of this story:

Natalie Caroline said...

A long night of dancing had led to this infinite moment between the two of them. The repetitive, up-beat music had transitioned into music that coincided with the sun rising over the hills. It was blinking, bright and fierce as it jumped over the distant mounds of dirt. Her mouth was slightly open as if she wanted to say something but was stuck in a deep trance. Their eyes were glued to the electrifying ball of fire until his words interrupted her trance. "Don't stare at it too long! You are going to hurt your eyes!" She turned toward him chuckling and replied she forgot about that. He held her hand and their eyes locked and the music danced with their thoughts. She never wanted to leave this moment, she never wanted to move forward, because she need deep within her, that no other moment would ever truly compare.