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You are encouraged to participate in any way that is meaningful to you.

All prompts beneath the photos are only suggestions.
You are free to use the photo to be inspired to write any way you desire.
There is no deadline on posting,
you may offer your writing to any prompt anytime.
Write and you are a writer.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Am a Writer

Here at Pictures, Poetry & Prose we love to encourage and inspire writing. We are honored you have offered up your writing here. If you have been inspired to offer your creativity to any prompt you are invited to include this button on your blog to celebrate that you are a writer.
You will need to right click on the above picture and save the .jpg to your computer, then you will simply go to your Blogger Layout Page (if you use another blog hosting site, sorry I am not sure of the exact steps) and add a Gadget, select "Picture" as your option and chose the "From you Computer" option, browse and pop in the picture you have saved. If you like to link back to Pictures, Poetry & Prose use this URL in the Link Area of the Gadget -


christine said...

What a great idea for a site. I discovered it today and have crafted a short poem. I can't promise to return every day, but I will visit as often as I can. Thank you :-)
Christine at

av女優 said...