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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Photo by Brett Trafford
visit his site 365 to 42
for more beautiful photographs.
Suggested Prompt...
Include a sunflower in your writing today
in any creative way you are inspired.


You started as a cast-off.
The birds knocked you off the feeder,
poking around for something sweeter.
And several weeks later, here you are.
No longer feed for the birds,
but a feast for my eyes,
and food for my soul.


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a girl said...

Sunflower to my delight
Swaying in my yard

You are a beacon to me
Happy as you are

Proudly standing where no one dare to plant
You have got me invited to "the" club
Because I dared to plant

Sunflower brightens up my day
Sunflower today

Today your seeds are germinating
Getting ready for the show
This year will be award winning
All you have to do is glow

Unknown said...

Hello my beautiful sunflower
It really is a gorgeous day
And seeing your golden head waving above the garden
Gives me reason to pause and reflect

You are never fussy, never complaining
Seeming to be happy with any amount of food or water I supply
Turning your majestic petals to follow the sun
But never wilting into a bow or curtsy

Standing tall at the entrance to the garden
Some people may seem not to notice
But you call for attention in many subtle ways
Giving surprised growth with each passing day

And when your time has finally come
To fade into the autumn
You continue to give happiness as well as nourishment
For the happy song birds of fall

morganna said...


Yellow petals
Pop before
Blue, blue sky,
Bees drawn to sweet nectar,
It must be summer.

Dani said...

How I envy you
How I want to emulate you
In the way you watch the light
Never taking your face away from that light
Never lowering your head in sorrow
Never finding the shadow until the light is gone
How I want to emulate your light
How you bring others smiles and happiness
How you reach toward the good
How you warm me with your soft glow
Oh how I envy you

Anonymous said...

Old English Sheep dogs
Chocolate cake and
cinnomin coffe.
Safes behind paintings
birches in the yard,
yellow in October
like the sunflowers.

_we_the_pieces_ said...

I tore the sunflower from its stem. I maliciously ripped the petals off, one by one, until the seedy center was all that was left. That I cast down to the floor, and ground it into the cement with my Converse, tattooed forever with Sharpie and highlighter hearts. I kicked the remainder off the curb, and into the street. It sat there, broken and mutilated.

Heather said...

This IS BEAUTIFUL - definately a favorite for me, but so is the sunflower.

Gazing upon this beauty, I feel warm and joyous. I would imagine that these are the feelings of the sunflower itself, when the sunshine graces it.

To stand proudly with strength and pride, it grows taller. I imagine it to feel a bit of pride, finding itself high above the people who long to be as strong.

Sharing its own natural gift with the world, it produces seeds to feed. I imagine it humble to take part in the giving of itself.

The sunflower.

Emmy said...

On this beautiful day you proudly stand tall.
The sun seems to follow you, and feed your majestic beauty.
As I walk through this garden I stop and reflect on the golden beauty of your petals.
I feel joyous and happy.
Happy beneath the blue sky.
Your yellow petals catch my attention immediately.
You're beautiful in a special way.

Oh sunflower

azjanorama said...

You started as a cast-off.
The birds knocked you off the feeder,
poking around for something sweeter.
And several weeks later, here you are.
No longer feed for the birds,
but a feast for my eyes,
and food for my soul.

Crazy Mo said...

I close my eyes and tilt my head up.
I can feel the warmth on my face.
It gives me strength.
It gives me peace.
The corners of my mouth begin to curve.
The energy spreads through me.
My heart bursts with feeling.
The smile breaks open widely.
My arms are open.
I embrace.
I am embraced.

Heather said...

oooooooooh- I like that, azjanorama.