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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Good Book

Photo by Dan Felstead
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Suggested Prompt...
And there was a truth...


And there was a truth that he could not accept in his heart. Feelings about to surface were choking him in his daily duties. Books and prayers could give no solace. His heart was enraptured from the first time he saw her hair free in the breeze.


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Heather said...

Dan, I was drawn in by this photo this morning and not one bit surprised to see that it was yours...not one bit! I love it!

A stirring in his heart found him to stop in his tracks
Reaching out for that bit of truth that he's carried all of his life
He thought he would search the meaning
Find what his heart was telling him
Just to be sure of himself

Standing still and searching the pages
He finds himself mesmerized with the first words in sight
Feeling the conclusion of thought in which he knew
That everything meant something

Peace and surety washed all through his soul
As he read those familiar words
The same words that always brought comfort to his anxious heart

Day after day

He awakes with a question stirring inside of him
Not exactly knowing who he is or why he suffers so
But knowing that he belongs somewhere
Reasoning his life and understanding a place
For him to reside

He dresses in those familiar clothes
The ones that he's worn all of his life
Still unsure of the reason why
But knowing in his heart that it all makes sense somewhere
For him

Day after day

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Oooops - sorry about that misplaced comment, LJ - hahaha

Dan Felstead said...

Guardian of a generation's 101 years old. He is in good company along with the Chiefs, medicine men and shamans. A bulwark of integrity...a dying breed. With his passing...will knowledge of our heritage be passed on anymore?


rosebud101 said...

And there was truth. My escort for the evening was my book. A good book. A sweet book. An old and dear friend. My book.

Kim said...

And there was a truth, buried within the pages of the book he held. He had been told his whole life that the book could solve his problems and answer all his questions.

Now only if he could read...

Merriam said...

Pages all scattered with lint
Clouding the crisp rows of print.

A First Step said...

The minimal neatness of the lines
The clean simplicity of black on white
The happy-inducing perfume of gum-wood
They pose the most deceptive invitation.
Come into my world, they say
Wonder-filled, tear-streaked, adventure-soaked
Where your neighbour, daughter, stranger, cousin flash by
Where the exotic tastes familiar, the familiar mysterious
Where meanings overflow in the most mundane.
Come into my world, they say
You will enter and never want to leave
But when you do
You will find your world bathed in a different colour
In a most unsatisfactory hue, an uninviting predictability
And you will call it reality.

septembermom said...

And there was a truth that he could not accept in his heart. Feelings about to surface were choking him in his daily duties. Books and prayers could give no solace. His heart was enraptured from the first time he saw her hair free in the breeze.

Dani said...

And there was a truth...

There before him was the truth. His fingers trembled as they outlined the phrase on the page before his eyes. This scribbled-n line was a phrase he'd read before many times. It was written in the margins of his grandfather's favorite book. But suddenly it overwhelmed him with its truthfulness and struck deep to his heart. He became aware of its beating within his chest.

"I have it because I did it."

His eyes welled up with tears so he could no longer read the simple yet powerful words. Closing the book, he raised his head and began to walk. Now he knew what he was going to do. He would go to her. He would look her in the eyes. He would finally share what was in his heart. For now he knew without doubt. He loved her, and she should know it.