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Monday, August 17, 2009

Simply Pretty

Photo by Simply Heather
Suggested prompt...
Use this simply pretty photo to inspire
a simple poem of no more than 5 lines today.


Innocent little petals,
plucked one by one
in search of the eternal answer,
shatter dreams when they reply:
He loves me not.

Monica Manning

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Simply Heather said...

I love being surprised like this, LJ. It's like a little snippet of a gift in my day, to see one of my photos as your prompting post :)

I need to ask you a favor, I've changed my url address for Simply Heather to I will no longer be writing at joyfulbussin. Could you update me in your links on the page and with this one photo, pretty please??

AND...LJ, I have a link on my blog to my photos at flickr. Wanted to tell you that too, for future photos to share - if you'd like :)

Thank you's.

morganna said...

They called her 'Pretty'
That was all
Simply 'Pretty'
Pink cheeks, golden curls, the bluest eyes you ever saw.

Simply Heather said...

Pushing through the soil with all her might;
She finds the nutrients from the earth to grow.
The water pours from the heavens to nourish her;
And she stretches with great length and freedom.
She unfolds the beauty of soft white petals and a golden face...Simply Pretty

Monica Manning said...

Innocent little petals,
plucked one by one
in search of the eternal answer,
shatter dreams when they reply:
He loves me not.

septembermom said...

Daisy bright open up the sky,
ready me is waiting,
wondering, hoping and praying,
that your beauty will seep in.

Tin Kettle Inn said...

the drought is done,
though it murdered her family.
they lost faith in the rain,
it was like waiting for a miracle,
so they lost the will to live.
she waited for this day,
maintaining faith in the rains,
no matter how thirsty her roots were.
she unearthed herself from dry, unmanicured grass
to drink deeply from the oasis,
and her silk fingers unfastened
so the sunshine could dry them.

Laura Jayne said...

@Heather... no problem. :)

Sanity said...

Torn petals promised forever,
but forever is fickle at seventeen.
First love and endless summers.
cool grass against heated skin,
our eager lips lemonade sweet.

Gordon said...

We leave this life of constant toil
To fertilize this eartly soil.
Ancestors, whether "Brainies" or "Crazies",
Now spend their lives just pushing up Daisies.

Dani said...

Tossing in the wind
A little yellow hat with white fringe
Gently sways in the breeze' sweet caress
Amongst swaying green ribbons
It smiles into the clouds

Sanity said...
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Sanity said...

Concrete meadows
Steel trees and acid rain
Caged grass scorched by neon glare
While cities of the future decay
But me, I remember Daisies

Bobbie Sandlin said...

Delicate flowers
Accents in the grass
Inviting bare feet to play
Sweetly scented
Yellow centers beckon

Tin Kettle Inn said...

Sanity, that was really powerful. I love it, "but me, I remember daisies."