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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Playing Games

Photo by Kathryn
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Suggested prompt...
Playing games.


"Mom, he's peeking at my cards! Make him quit!"
"No, I'm not. 'Sides, mine are better and I'm gonna win. Na-na-nuh-na-na!"
"Mom, he's cheating!!"
"Whiner whiner whiner!"
"Cheater cheater cheater!"

~ Hedgie

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Heather said...

I love to play games
Oh yes, it is true
My home holds quite many
Yet the players are few

I love to play games
The thrill of unknown
Mommy plays oh so gentle
Til' the boys 'tudes are thrown

I love to play games
These boys do as well
Problems arise when together
I must share and tell

I LOVE to play games
Don't care who must win
Wish boys would just love it
Competetion pricks like the pin

I love to play games
And try as I may
I must be bits crazy
Forever and a day

I love to play games
I must keep on trying
To play with these boys
Without pieces flying

I love to play games
Laura Jayne, thanks for asking
True, a glutten for punishment
Should rather be basking

Yes, I love to play games

~Before blogger came to be, I wrote once on myspace about playing games with my boys. This prompt reminded me...and it continues. These guys are so different and so terribly competitive with one another - they drive me crazy when we play together BUT....I love to play games.

Dan Felstead said...

Games have a way of drawing families together. Over the holidays, my wife and I spent some great times with our 23 year old son. Generation gaps as they may be...the one common thread remains...Monopoly! It isn't the game as much as the time together and the conversations that ensue. My wife, myself and my son are all only children so holidays are small gatherings but the lure of the game will always draw us together again.


Ana - The Writer Today said...

I love to play games too, I think it is a great way to bond the family. It gives family time more quality than watching tv together. It makes you laugh, be silly, get mad if you are losing, be mischevious. My favorite game to play is Scrabble because it one of those games that really makes you think.

~ Denise ~ said...

@ simply heather: nicely expressed!

*** *** ***

He sits by the table
Waiting for his turn
Admiring his father
Who sits opposite him
Moving a king
Check mate

And, they laugh.
Shake hands
and begin another game.

Hedgie said...

"Mom, he's peeking at my cards! Make him quit!"
"No, I'm not. 'Sides, mine are better and I'm gonna win. Na-na-nuh-na-na!"
"Mom, he's cheating!!"
"Whiner whiner whiner!"
"Cheater cheater cheater!"

Anonymous said...

Canasta is a very popular game in my family. All of my kids could play by the time they were seven. And they would usually win, back then. Never ceased to amaze me, they would not even be paying particular attention, but they would win! Beginners luck!
Over the holidays when we were all together, we had a few hands of Canasta. My mother has had encephalitis and meningitis and can't remember the rules from one time to the next. Funny how she usually wins at least a few hands in spite of it. Must just be ingrained in her subconscious after all these years.
What I love about the game, any game, with the family is that no matter the age differences, mental skills and capabilities, social skills, past disagreements, recent problems, we all seem to come together to remember how much we love one another and how much we enjoy each others company.

Heather said...

Hedgie - sounds like you've been to my house (with the iphone exception) ;o)

Thank you, Denise. I like what you wrote, quite respectful :o)

Basir Seerat's Photography. said...

excellent work , great and colorful post, love thaat becouse it was my side too when i was small boy....

Anonymous said...

Canasta - a card game that pits husband against wife, daughter against mother, friend against friend. Thirty years ago when my husband and I had just begun our love affair, he taught me to play canasta. He was vicious - took no prisoner. I got so disgusted with being thoroughly trounced every time we played, I told him, "If this relationship is not going to come to divorce before we're even married, we'd better stop playing this silly game. It's not that I mind losing, it's that I mind not even having a decent chance to win now and then." We laughed and agreed to step away from the "canasta table".l

In the middle of our marriage, we began playing canasta with our teenaged kids and their friends while at a friend's cabin in Big Bear. We'd put a big pot of chili on the stove for supper and after eating, we'd start shuffling the 3-4 decks of cards together and dealing out the hands. Mid-way through the night, the flatulence would ensue and by midnight we'd all be giddy with the gaseous fumes we were all creating at that altitude, given the large bowls of chili & cheese we'd consumed.

These days, we play two-handed canasta again, and, when they come up for weekends in the mountains, with our grown daughter and her husband. We try to stay away from the chili, but with all of us now past forty, the flatulence ensued nevertheless and by midnight we're again ripping and roaring.

Is it possible to play cards without farting? Apparently, not in my house.

Proud Mom said...

Every year my sons get games for Christmas, either card games or board game, and sometimes both.

Years past have brought us Othello, Mancala, Life Twist & Turns, Get Hooked, Scene It, Sorry, Uno, Swap, Hearts & Spades, Backgammon & Chess, Pro Draft, Mountain Climber, Quoridor, SpongeBob Life, Clue, Pictionary, Deal or No Deal, and Monopoly.

This year's new games are Apples to Apples, Cranium, Laser Battle, and NHL Ice Breaker. But the most fun game the boys played was the one Santa has made up for them in 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008.

In the past it was just a simple scavenger hunt which began with an original "Night before Christmas" type poem they found on the tree. Then each rhyming clue lead them to the next until eventually they found the last present, which has always been NHL tickets.

This year was a similar game, but because the boys are getting older, the game was more challenging. It was a series of puzzles, jumbles & itty bitty brainteasers which, once solved correctly, lead them to not one but two sets of tickets to see their beloved Bruins. Santa must have known way back in September that the B's would be #1 in the East, and that tickets would be in high demand, albeit scarce, come Christmas Eve...

Oh that Santa is one smart, savvy little elf!

Scriptor Senex said...

Sort of inspired by the photo - and the time of year, I posted my thoughts on games at