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Monday, December 8, 2008

Who will survive...

Photo by Monica
Suggested prompt...
... nature or man?


If the sun set one last time
what would man do?
If the wind stopped blowing
And just stood still
what would man do?
And if all the waters of the earth
refused to move
what would man do?


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Steve Gravano said...

If the sun set one last time
what would man do?
If the wind stopped blowing
And just stood still
what would man do?
And if all the waters of the earth
refused to move
what would man do?

Sacha van Straten said...

A great piece of rhetorical verse. Beautifully suggestive of a world on the edge of peril. Thanks Steve.

Heather said...

There shall be made
A new Heaven
A new Earth
A new Man

There shall be made
A new Day
A new Freedom
A new Homeland

There shall be made
The day without survival

For when Jesus returns

The day without survival
Then, shall be made

~ This photo is amazing. I see a mountain in the clouds above the highest building. It is as though to say "Here I Am, Waiting for You"; amongst the busy streets below.

Dan Felstead said...

If life were an American Idol competition and the phone number for man was 1-888-445-2235 and nature was 1-800-445-2236....2235 might make the tour but 2236 would be the undisputed winner. Even the lighting in this beautiful photograph suggests the frailty of man in contrast with the brilliance of nature.

Monica, I saw this photo on your blog and I was stunned when I saw it for the first time....this was one of those once in a lifetime shots where the timing and lighting was just right! Beautiful...just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Nature, always nature.

There is a perfect truth in nature
That man does not possess.
How it ends, by who's hand
Is anybodys guess.

If by man or rising seas,
by bombs or riddled lies,
One thing is certain my child, my friend,
Nature will survive.

Beautiful picture!

latree said...

is the nature feeling the same with me?
those black clouds hanging over
like the way my heart be

waiting for a little wind blow
and it will fall
into rain

mine is gonna be a hard one.

Anonymous said...

What a great photo!
When I was a kid, I had the scary daydream that one day there would be no more grass or trees or anything, because everything would be covered with cement. An observant fear, since almost all of the 'green' where I grew up has become shopping plazas, malls, and car dealerships, and I witnessed it as it happened.

I still have hope for, and defend, nature.

Ana - The Writer Today said...

I would say both, nature because of the water, grass and beautiful sky, man because of the buildings, short and tall. If you could get to the top of the highest building, you can take it all in. It is a breathtaking picture, it gives me a sense of peace.

Shawn said...

Nature or man?
Nature is man.
Man is nature.
There is no separation,
Only silent consecration
Within him who
Takes time to see.

Alexandra MacVean said...

What a stunning photo that really gets one to thinking about their life and the beauty that currently surrounds them. This phot speaks VOLUMES to me.

~ Denise ~ said...

How is it that man
is dust?
just dust
of the earth
And yet there is dust
that gathers
into mountains
that reveal the majesty
of nature
and of

How is that?

Monica said...

Many beautiful written pieces, thank you to all who participated and let the photograph inspire you. When I saw this sight, I KNEW I had to grab my camera. It was a sight that obviously moved me and filled my senses in many ways.

BTW, that's Mt Rainier peeking through, isn't she beautiful?


Inkpot said...

God said to man 'You are the steward of creation. Look after the house while I'm gone.'
When God returned, he found the Earth in a mess. Rubbish filled the oceans, people were dying everywhere and the lovely rainforests He had been saving had been cut down.
'What have you done?' God said.
Man shrugged. He was still hung over from the party.
'I'm not leaving you in charge again until you grow up,' God said.

Heather said...

(smiling) - I like that, Inkpot! What a real message you've written.

Anonymous said...

"Hello mountain!"
said the village below,
looking upon its mother.
The mountain replied
with a booming voice,
"Hello little brother!"

"If I am your brother,"
pondered the village aloud,
"then perhaps we are more even?"
"Not at all,"
the mountain retorted.
Said the village, "well, we will have to see, then."

The village grew
in time to a city
that reached, with its buildings, to the sky.
"What do you think now?"
it asked the mountain,
"I still love you," was the mountain's reply.

Soon more cities
had grown all around
and threatened each other with might.
The mountain watched sadly
as the city was attacked
and many of its people had died.

Smoldering and hurt,
the city sat and cried
and looked at the mountain above.
"You must be disappointed,"
the city sobbed softly.
Said the mountain, "For you, I only feel love."

Filled with vigor
and a new purpose on Earth
the city grew tall once again.
It never quite reached
the same height as the mountain
but it had kept its respect for it then.

Years had passed by.
The city and the mountain
remained friends as they both grew.
"I love you" said the mountain
each and every day.
Replied the city, "I love you too."

Makita Jazzqueen said...

When nature is over, man will want to be there, but with no nature, man cannot be there anymore.