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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Photo by Colleen
Visit her wonderful blog Fingers and Paws
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Horizon calls
out to the lost
with Siren intensity.

Peace searchers
flock to the site
with aching wounds.


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a girl said...

With the skies opening from above
It only means one thing for me as I stand here on the sand
God is looking down on me today
Hope is here, everlasting!!

Unknown said...

When it first happened, we made sure to keep track of the days. We still celebrated Christmas, Halloween, and especially our birthdays. Another year surviving, that was something to celebrate.

I can't remember how old I am now. I don't know what day of the week it is. Hell, I don't even know what season it's supposed to be. It's been dark and cold for so long. We've grown accustomed to it now. This is the norm; not having anything to look forward to. No family vacations, no summer barbecues, no crooked snow men and Christmas carols.

The only thing that keeps me going is my daughter, Ana. The hope she has inside her little heart is enough for both of us. The hope that her mother will come back in some form and restore happiness to our lives.

But until a miracle happens, I'll have to continue my 7 day work schedule, and Ana will have to get herself to school, and I'll have to keep trudging through a life in which circumstance has trapped me.

I miss my wife. I loved the future that played in my head when she was here. I hate cancer.

Unknown said...


Hope springs eternal, or so the old saying goes
But where does hope really come from
Is it a thought bubbling forth from the mind
Or an instinct inbred in our hearts

Does hope keep us going, or does life depend on hope
Many people have wasted away trying to find the answer
Some say hope is a feeling or other internal clue
While others claim hope is a living, breathing entity

Where do you find hope to get through your day
Do you look to outside forces, leaving life to fate
Or do you delve deep inside for a closer look at yourself
To realize hope is what makes the world go 'round

septembermom said...

Horizon calls
out to the lost
with Siren intensity.

Peace searchers
flock to the site
with aching wounds.

Dani said...

The sky grows dark
The air is cold
The clouds are crowded
Sinking into me
Despair approaches

My heart is sinking
I feel overcome
But as I fall
The tempest parts
A light appears

Piercing through the darkness
Shining down
A ray of hope
A new day will come

Anonymous said...

i wish everyone felt it
like i do.
i wish everyone saw it
as clearly.
i wish it was as easy
as it seems
in moments of inspiration.
"maybe soon,"
the sun's rays say,
"someday soon".

Crazy Mo said...

Rays of light shine through
A sign that He is guiding
And always watching said...

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