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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Suggested prompt...
Describe an ideal relaxing afternoon.


the sun heats
both air and sand -
a toddler chases the foaming tide

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a girl said...

A relaxing afternoon for me is having a romantic comedy on tv, knitting needles in my hand - making a beautiful piece, a glass of tea and something to snack upon. More than likely the needles will be put down or dropped for I would also end up taking an afternoon nap.

Ana - The Writer Today said...

I like this picture of the beach. This is relaxing, laying down on a blanket,under an umbrella, at the beach. The breeze hitting my face and I am looking at the water. I also like to collect sea shells when at the beach. This is like therapy for me.

John said...

the sun heats
both air and sand -
a toddler chases the foaming tide

septembermom said...

Celebrating the peace,
as I sit on my deck,
cool lemonade waiting,
neglected book open,
warm breezes caressing,
and one deep breath follows.

Dani said...

The house, once chaos, now quiet
The sink, once filled, now empty
The floors, once covered, now tidy
The hair, once snarled, now combed
The little eyes, once curious, now closed.
The little fingers, once prying, now relaxed.
The little feet, once running, now still.
Nap time.
My ideal relaxing afternoon.

Heather said...

Oh, a relaxing afternoon; you ask me to describe? Yes? Okay, here it is in “ideal” form.

For me, to relax would be to find me in the midst of nature; with my family quietly enjoying the world with me. To have each member oooohing and aaaaahing over the same things that bring me joy…this would relax me. Seeing through the eyes of a child as they gaze upon the clouds, enjoying the breeze and the grass at our feet…this would relax me.

For me, to relax would be to jump into a pool of refreshing water; watching it glitter from the sunshine’s rays and diving deep into the bottoms. Water washing around my body, engulfing each part with padding of wet…this would relax me. Swimming and gliding across the water from one side to the other, as the sun embraces my back…this would relax me.

For me, to relax would be to grab a glass of Australian Wine and a bit of strawberries with chocolate and sit in a large bubbly tub filled with water. Sitting in the steamy room, listening to gently whispers of music and melody….this would relax me. To feel each bubble tingling upon my skin and the warmth of the water touching me…this would relax me.

Oh, a relaxing afternoon; you ask me to describe? I’ve only just begun, my dear. There are too many wondrous adventures in which to carry me away…but I must say that maybe the most relaxing of all afternoons would bring me…

…to the presence of My Lord; knowing that all of everything is in His Great Care; where He and I could just linger together and I could share my heart with Him as He watches me and listens. To hear His laughter, to see His face shine with delight and to feel His love as He speaks to my listening ear…this would relax me the most of all.