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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Photo by Dan Felstead
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Suggested Prompt...
Offer a memory from a high school football game.
(Or another sport if you are not American.)


Dan Felstead said...

His heart pounding and adrenaline pumping through his veins...he had his eye on one set of metal yellow poles at the end of the field. He knew this would be his only shot...the last game of his high school career.

With the asthma, he knew he would never make it in college and he struggled with it for the last 4 years at F. J. Reitz. He had only gotten in for 5 or 6 plays over the last 4 seasons but this was his time...his chance to complete a run that he would be able to tell his children about. Ignoring his hurt and embarrassment...he would finally rid himself of his nickname..."breathless"......

Lungs burning and throat closing in
...his legs so heavy now that he could scarcely move one in front of the other, he collapsed...he collapsed in the end zone.

As he looked up at the end zone ref through his facegaurd...his eyes filled with tears of pride as he saw both arms raise to form a goalpost...

This was going to be a good night.


Laura Jayne said...

Wow... this made me tear up Dan... well done!

septembermom said...

Dan, this is very touching!

Dan Felstead said...

Thanks guys...