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Sunday, September 27, 2009


These wonderful photographs are by Kim Martin
Visit her at -
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Orbitgal Creations (my portfolio) -
Suggested prompt...
Use these images to get creative today,
the idea of metamorphosis literally or figuratively today.


Monica Manning said...

I was nobody.
Never noticed, never remembered.
Easily forgotten.
Often shrugged aside.

I was beautiful.
Everyone wanted to know me.
Wanted a piece of me.
I was never left alone.

I knew myself.
When I was loved, it was real.
Friendship was true.
Truth was pure.

I am lost.
Nothing is real anymore.
Friends only want to share the light.
I know nothing but lies.

I want what I was before,
not what they made me after.
Take me back to then—
I don’t want it now.

septembermom said...

"Wallflower No More"

Until that moment,
she felt like stone.

He grabbed her hand
for a quick dance.

Her trapped beauty
unfolded in an instant.

christine said...

I am small, white and oval - abandoned on a leaf.

I am black, white and yellow, striped like a tiger, I prowl the undergrowth.

I am pure gold, with ermine edges. The boundless sky is my domain.

Dani said...

I crawled about slowly
Not taking much notice
That no one took much notice
In me

I made my bed peacefully
Not fussing much
That no one fussed much
About me

I rested long and sound
Not stirring in worry
Knowing that no one stirred in worry
For me

I awoke and spread my new wings
Fluttering about in ecstasy
Seeing the world through new eyes
Landing lightly on a finger
The world's eyes were on me

Now I find attention all around me
In my beautiful new wings
In my flight and my flutter
In my gentle yet sure footing

My beauty turned inside out

For blue skies. said...

My heart was wrapped up in a cocoon until tonight.
Held together by dark and faded memories.
You slowly unburried me.
I become lighter with each breath.
But I fly on my own terms.
You know I was always meant to be free.

Stu Pidasso said...

They were gone!

It was hard to believe that after seven years of nursing, schooling, bedtime stories, adventures and royal parties; that they were gone.

Once a loving father, the king's son now had none to turn to but himself. He tried daily to go aboput his lfe as if nothing was wrong, but the empty castle he came home to each evening was so hollow that each and every sound seemed to echo ominously.

He paced, he cursed, he threw things and sulked. How had he let that witch cast her spell over him? He sat every twilight and croaked his laments to the moon.

He was foul with contempt at the evilness of her actions, yet he was powerless to resist. He was hopping mad.

Yes, the prince had turned into a frog.

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