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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Safe Landing

Photo by Jim Pankey "WildSpirit"
Jim's Photography can be found at Picasa and Fotothing
Suggested prompt...
Write from the perspective of one of these skydivers
a story or perhaps an inner dialog.


septembermom said...

My heart didn't stop. Exhiliration runs through me.
Each breath welcomes me home.
No more self-imposed limits.
Experience will define me.
Now I enter my 80th year.

christine said...

Free as a bird,
Tired old cliche!

Birds are not tehered,
Reliant on rope and fabric.

The updraft catches me,
Lifts me aloft.

Tiny ant scurry on green velvet
Spread out below me.

Free as a bird,
How true!

For blue skies. said...

As I penetrate the sky.
Gravity and I collide.
I keep my eyes wide open to remember where I am.
Because thats really all that matters.