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Sunday, November 23, 2008

B - Sunday's Alphabet Prompt

Photo by Cyndy
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Suggested Prompt...

Quick think of three B words...
now write a piece using them.
(yes, pick new words if you must... no one is grading you.)


Do you have a letter of the alphabet picture?
Email me... - Sunday is Alphabet prompt day.


Beauty asked the big, bad beast,
Do you plan to harm me?
I plan to love you.
Oh, really?

~ RCBonay

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Sacha van Straten said...

Begins falling.
I am Fire.

Laura Jayne said...

Love this Sacha!!

Dan Felstead said...

Bred, Built and Begging in America....GM Chrysler Ford

Aisyah Mazelan said...

just smile for a while
put on some sparkles into your eyes
bottle your tears
bottle your fears
beat all the rest
you know you can be the best!

Anonymous said...

Long words that start with B have a distinctive sound that is somewhat amusing: boysenberry, bagatelle, balderdash, ballyhoo, bumbershoot. I can't think of a poem, but maybe someone else will feel behooved to write one.

Anonymous said...

Beware the brazen,
betwixt you and what is true,
they are bewitching
and beguiling,
beware the brazen.

Sacha van Straten said...

Hi Laura Jayne - thanks for the approval. Not sure where the imagery for this one stemmed, but for something that took me under 30 seconds to write I'm quite pleased with it.

Dan - you are too funny. On the BBC yesterday a commentator was observing that the three American car manufacturers are claiming they must be saved because they're the most important companies in the States. Hang on, said the commentator, what about Microsoft, Google and Apple? Don't they wear that crown? And you haven't seen them begging Washington for cash.

Jen - I love the dark foreboding of your poem. Reminds me of Salem witches for some reason.

Kat - you left out Bamboozle, one of my favourite words!

Shy Girl Art said...

This is awesome. At first I thought you took it with the loops hanging down but closer look, you actually took it in this position. This is a really cool find and cool photo. Great job!

Simplicity said...


As I float through this world
A being amoung other beings
I realize how much I need
The brilliant sun
Blaring down on me

Without it, I would feel empty in a dark world.

P.S. I read your blush story. It was very touching.

~hon~ said...




I like your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sacha! I never thought of myself as a poet, although I really like poetry...I was surprised when I closed my eyes and these words came to mind.
I really like you poem too.

TesoriTrovati said...

Brilliant baby boy

Brilliant baby boy
With a lifetime of possibility in your eyes
You will go far.
It is as simple as that.
You will make me prouder than I have ever been before.
You will make me more frustrated than I can imagine.
You will make me know a love so pure.
For you are my
Brilliant baby boy
With a world of hope inside you waiting to grow.

Laura Jayne said...

Wow... so many lovely B's

Unknown said...

New NJ Haiku that starts with 7 syllables, then 6, then 5, then 2, then 1:

Beauty asked the big, bad beast,
Do you plan to harm me?
I plan to love you.
Oh, really?