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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Photo by Cyndy
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Suggested prompt...
I am thankful for...



Warmth shines,
a golden hug spreading
through the field.

Take my hand and
we'll walk


thankful for this
new day.

~ Angie Werren

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shabby girl said...

I am thankful for the sun that rises every morning, that warms us and reminds us that, no matter what, tomorrow is a whole new day.
I'm thankful everytime I see a rainbow or beautiful clouds, or a perfect flower. I think God knew they would make us happy.
I'm thankful for a loving family, good friends, and a blessed life.
I am also thankful for all of the bloggers that I have recently found that inspire me, move me, and amuse me.
Thank you.

jessicahh said...

I'm thankful that he made me realise how happy I can really be. I love you baby

Jessica said...

I'm thankful for so many things. My wonderful husband and family. My friends who stand by me through the good times and bad. My dog and cat who bring me so much joy. The beautiful sun, the rain, the wind. The beautiful mountains. I'm thankful for the opportunities I have to branch out. To travel. To find myself. To learn.

Highlander said...

I am thankful for friends who dont run away in the bad times. Friends you can see in the dark are precious.

Chris Bowers said...

I am thankful for my babies. My three beautiful girls. who bring me joy with their smiles, pride with their accomplishments, challenge with their questions and the unconditional love so easily forgotten with age. Happy Thanksgiving Laura Jayne!

Dan Felstead said...

I am thankful for all of the above and Happy Thanksgiving Laura Jane and to everyone following the blog.


Sacha van Straten said...

Filled with thanks
You greeted me warmly on the path untrod,
And I gathered your wishes
Into a feast of emotion.

Filled with thanks
I offered you heart maps,
And you furnished the roadside
With light piercing star beams.

Filled with thanks
We planted our own roots,
And scaled the landscape
On wing tips of angels.

Filled with light
We shone in the ether
And worshipped our new world,
Filled with thanks.

RCBonay said...

the sun, the trees, the's all about life and the the gift that God has given us to sustain life so that we can pursue the happiness that God intended for us...the joy of laughing, playing, and frolicking in the leaves.

Don said...
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SandyaS said...

I am thankful, for I can see the dawning light.
I am thanful, for I can see the colors all around.
I am thankful, for I can walk upto look at the beautiful sunshine.
I am thankful, for I can feel the chilling radiance.
I am thankful, for I can think and express.
I am thankful, for I can hear the birds around gaily singing.
I am thankful... for all that I can do and for all that I cant.
For its all your wish and hence THe BEST for me!

Henry the Dog said...

I'm thankful that I have a lovely warm home, food in my belly, a mum who loves me to pieces and Uncle Hugh who gives me Haribo Jellies.

Don said...

It was our fifth anniversary. Despite the dire predictions of our friends, everything was working just fine for us despite our age difference. I was 40 now: she was 30. It was a lovely day. I was surprised when she had suggested a picnic.

I wasn't sure if the sunburst in the distance signified the world ending or a new one beginning as her words echoed in my ears, "Honey? We're pregnant!"

rebecca lee aiken said...

I am so, so thankful for words. Without them we'd just be grunting in a cave somewhere....

s kay murphy said...

This is absolutely a beyond gorgeous, jubilantly lovely photograph. Thank you for sharing it with us all!! And thank you for your work in the seeing, in the planning, in the making of it.

Anonymous said...

by Angie Werren

Warmth shines,
a golden hug spreading
through the field.

Take my hand and
we'll walk


thankful for this
new day.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for my life and the second chance I have to define myself.
Sounds like we have a similar view of a Thanksgiving 'tragedy'. :) Glad to hear you had a nice holiday!

TesoriTrovatiJewelry said...

thankful is what I wish to be
for all those things that I can see
not to discount those that are hidden
like air and sound and God in heaven
for everywhere that love abounds
is where my thankful heart is found
if more of us would simply be
we all would live in harmony
remember that your attitude plays a key part
so do be thankful in your heart

There is so much to be thankful for. We who are so lucky should always remember those who aren' family went shopping on Thanksgiving and purchased $500 for a local food pantry in lieu of buying Christmas gifts for each other. I encourage you to do what you can to help those who are struggling so much this year.
Blessings to all of you!

hcarroll said...

I am thankful for everyday I get to see the sun rise and set. I am thankful when I see a smile on my teenager's faces and I know that they are in a good place. I am thankful when my days do not get so rushed that I forget to stop and appreciate what's real. I am thankful when I have clarity around what truly matters in life, as well as what truly doesn't. I am thankful when I can help to turn sorrow into joy or when I can alleviate pain. I am thankful for having an opportunity to figure out what its' all about and to try and live my life accordingly.

Lebhorcham said...

Every morning I wake to a new opportunity to be thankful. My life is full to overflowing with wealth - real wealth that can't be destroyed. The ache in my lower back, the persistent cough that just doesn't want to go away, my eyes that are drying out and making reading more challenging than when I was twenty - all these things are confirmations that I am, indeed, still alive. My little granddaughter signing as she draws a picture, my grumpy, old cat who believes my legs were only created for HIS comfort, my aging father who says he's ready to go when his time comes, my yard full of flowers that have not yet received their notice that they're supposed to stop blooming, piles of leaves to play in, woodpeckers and squirrels and raccoons and ravens and the coyotes signing at night. The list is too long to continue - you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for picking my poem, Laure Jayne! I was so surprised when I scrolled through the new pictures and saw it.

Thank you for such a wonderful inspiring place! ~Angie

Dani said...

The sun slowly peaks above the plains, shedding its newborn light across the fields of green and gold.
The silhouette of a tree stands dark, casting shadows over the grass, scattering the light into little speckles of dust. A new day is here and I cannot contain my spirit. The beauty around me is a gift. My soul is stunned to silence as I breath in the damp air met by light. The colors around me seem to reflect onto my skin and it takes my breath away. I live in a beautiful world.

All the times he's hit me, all the times I've heard the screams, the times I've spent alone in the darkness... all of this melts away this morning. Now I am free.

The suns warmth caresses my skin as I sit alone, and I feel thankful. I'm thankful for my life, for my mind and heart, for the years I see stretched before me that are brighter days. The joy of being here at this quiet moment of beautiful solace overcomes me.

Then, I feel his warm hand take mine. I am home.