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Monday, November 24, 2008


Photo by
S. Kay Murphy
Suggested prompt...
Cross the bridge. What is on the other side?


Dense fog had made the journey quite tough. She saw the outline of the bridge from a distance but couldn't make out its detail.

With each step she took, another detail filled in.

With each step she took, she was closer to her past being past.

With each step she took, she was closer to her future being now.

And, the bridge was change.

~ Denise

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Makita Jazzqueen said...

On the other side of the bridge I could cross are the arms of my beloved one, the special guy. It's the way to my happiness, and, although it sounds difficult to cross, it is worth crossing. I need to cross it: I need to find him, or let him find me. I need to be with him, I need to have someone to give all my love to, for it's burning my heart and it will end up harming me if I don't give it to someone. On the other side I will find the comfort of truely looking at his eyes, without having to look away from them not to give my love away. I will find the comfort of his hug, and his love for me. The comfort of his sweet voice, his funny jokes and just him. Just the comfort of him. Just the guy I'm in love with.
My only one problem is finding the bridge.

Simply Heather said...

As I approached the bridge, I could feel my heart pounding inside my chest. I take a deep breathe in and release it.

I take one step forward and ask God to give me the courage to face this fear; the fear of falling. The warmth of His love fills my being and I know that He is with me, but I still feel anxious.

I am reminded that something special awaits me on the other side; yet I don't know what it is. His Spirit says so sweetly, "Take another step". Little by little, I inch my way to the beginning of the bridge.

I reach out to the railing and firmly hold on. Step by step, inch by inch, I make my way across this bridge. Suddenly, I hear The Spirit tell me to look back. I turn around and see behind me little footprints.

An overwhelming feeling drowns my fear and everything makes sense to me at this very moment. I look down and see my son standing beside me; his big brown eyes full of excitement. He says to me, "Mommy, you did it!"

I realize the importance of this moment and what God had for me on this side of the bridge. It was a priceless gift; unmatched by any other circumstance. He clothed me in courage. The courage to trust.

It was twenty years later when I found this photo, as my son and I were rummaging through an old box. He quickly picked it up before I could. I looked at him, into those big brown eyes and he tells me something I never knew.

"Mom, I remember this day. This was the day that I learned how to trust God by watching you."

Dan Felstead said...

Simply Heather....
WOW, what a great story! Children can be the most intuitive thinkers on the planet. How great you must have felt knowing that you made a difference in your child's life. I can't top that one.

Simplicity said...

I love your blog & have given you an award! Come & get it!

Simply Heather said...
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Simply Heather said...

Thank you for your encouraging words, Dan Felstead. They are truly appreciated. I will admit that my fear of falling/heights is true and my faith strong; but my boys are still young. This is a story that was just pulled from me when I saw the photo. Also one that carries my desire in it; I do hope to hear that each of my three boys witnessed my faith. I do hope to see them grow into faithful men someday. (oh-and they do often see me overcome fear with our Lord's hand in mine :o>).

rebecca lee aiken said...

Across the bridge was a path...
Down the path was a gate...
Through the gate was a tree...
Beyond the tree was a schoolhouse...

And in the schoolhouse was a teacher...

who was teaching prepositions.

(For Kat Wilkens)

TesoriTrovatiJewelry said...

Coming Home

He turns the corner and sees
the last hurdle
on the long journey
He approaches with caution
knowing what might be rushing below
not quite sure if he is ready or willing
to cross.
But cross he must for there is
And there is
He has come so far to see
her face
To hell and back
The hell he put her through with his back against the wall
He came out fighting
of who he really was, of the reality she showed him
Her love forced him out of the house and out of his illusion
into the raging within and around
The number of long nights to find himself here after
Picking himself up
Clawing his way back
Knowing that the only place he could go, would go is
Back where he came from
Back to her
What if she is no longer waiting for him on the other side?
Wouldn’t it be a
to give up now?
Approaching cautiously
Stepping apprehensively
Onto the threshold as on a bridge
Crossing the chasm of his past
He makes his move
too late now to turn back to nowhere
He needs to do this now as much for
as for himself
He steps up and rings the doorbell
He is
Coming home.

Erin Prais-Hintz

Indigo said...

Wow, that photo is breathtaking!

~ Denise ~ said...

Dense fog had made the journey quite tough. She saw the outline of the bridge from a distance but couldn't make out its detail.

With each step she took, another detail filled in.

With each step she took, she was closer to her past being past.

With each step she took, she was closer to her future being now.

And, the bridge was change.

katwilkens said...

Thanks, Rebecca, for dedicating your poem to me! All I can say is until by into after from, across against with toward on, over under around for to, behind beyond below and through!

Highlander said...

Over the bridge is somewhere you eventually know you have to go, and every day your will to pray that it is not today grows weaker as you tire of the fight.

justsomethoughts... said...

may i refer you to "see you on the other side" by ozzy osbourne. its truly worth a listening to. and for all the NON-ozzy fans, its definitely at least worth a reading of the lyrics. they are priceless. really.

k said...

I cross the bridge tentatively, fearful of the drop below. It takes time and my heart is pounding, but I make it. And there on the other side is a beautiful, peaceful waterfall. I am the only one there, and I am so happy that I gathered the courage to cross the bridge, so that I could spend time praising God in this wonderful setting

k said...

I didn't read all the other posts before I wrote, and it is interesting reading them now to see how many people wrote of faith and overcoming fear