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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Secrets

photo by Kathryn
for more of Kathryn's photography visit -
Suggested prompt...
What secret is being whispered?
'Don't tell Mommy and I promise you a lollipop!'
~ SSQuo

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Anonymous said...

lol, that is too cute.

i think he's says, you get the cheesies, i'll grab the juice boxes.

here from that's my answer yesterday, i got two visits, i think you may have been missed.

Stevie G.B. said...

There is no Santa Claus.

(brothers can be mean)

Simply Heather said...

"Little Sister, that is a leaf and God made it just as special as you."

Acclimatizer said...

Is there a God?

Libby said...

Don't cry, Mommy will kiss it and make it better.

SSQuo said...

'Don't tell Mommy and I promise you a lollipop!'

Lollipop said...

If you don't tell mom I broke her favourite lamp I'll buy you a new teddy bear.