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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who's afraid of the...

Photo by Cyndy
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Suggested prompt...
Write a story from the villian's (any villian's) perspective.
Perhaps the big bad wolf is simply misunderstood.


Once upon a time
The wolf gobbled up grandma,
An ageing and somewhat chewy old bird.
"It's always a pleasure to help
Reduce the health care cost
To society,"
He thought to himself,

~ Sacha van Straten

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Simply Heather said...

'Perhaps they misunderstand me.', thought the wolf; as he stood watching the people.

'I mean you no harm. Why do you cage me?'

The little girl checked to see if her parents were watching as she inched her way over to the wolf. She sensed that he was saddened and with a heart of compassion; she just couldn't let him feel so alone.

A mother turned to see that her little girl was no longer by her side. She frantically began searching, praying and asking passers by if they have seen her little girl. One person mentioned a little girl over by the wolf's cage.

The mother ran as quickly as she could to save her girl. As she approached the cage, she didn't see her little girl. Then, she heard her daughters laughter.

She turned to see that her little girl was in the cage with the wolf. This is what she saw:

Her sweet little girl sitting indian style beside this enormous wolf; who was lying on his back with his belly up. The girl was telling him stories and rubbing his belly.

That day, the mother saw love overflowing from that cage. That day, a little girl and a wolf became the best of friends. It was that day that the passers by realized a possibility of the day they'd heard of, where the "lion shall sit with the lamb".

shabby girl said...

Be afraid son, be very afraid. They're all viscious. You can tell just by looking at them. Look into their eyes. They want to kill you. And they're sneaky. They hide behind trees, prowling, hunting you. Hurry now. Back to the den. Just remember my words, beware the humans!

Laura Jayne said...

SG - wonderfully done.

RCBonay said...

Why do you fear me? I’m only trying to survive – just like you.
You should be thanking me!
You have become faster, smarter and stronger because of me.
You cage me and you feel safe.
Soon you’ll grow fat and slow and complacent.
And in your sloppiness you’ll forget to latch the cage and I will escape.

Simply Heather said...

very clever, shabby girl (i like)

Sacha van Straten said...

Once upon a time
The wolf gobbled up grandma,
An ageing and somewhat chewy old bird.
"It's always a pleasure to help
Reduce the health care cost
To society,"
He thought to himself,

Highlander said...

You judge me? I never granted you the right to judge me , a court of sheep who use force to back their belief in freedoms. Where is my freedom to live in my nature, to take from the slow, to feast on the weak, to enjoy the hunt for its own sake.
I've done no wrong - the greater sin would be to deny myself. In my world your life has no value, your possessions are already mine, your grief as I tear your life apart merely sweetens my feast.
These bars hold me, but I do not accept the will of sheep, and I do not fear the God of sheep. I do not fear that my God will judge me, I fear for you that you have..

RCBonay said...

You've domesticated my brothers and sisters but you'll not domesticate me!

Frankie and Bella said...

This blog is always so creative. I love reading the comments.

We wanted to acknowledge and share the Kreativ Blogger award we recently received as we feel no one deserves it more than this blog!! We've posted today with your award :)

Frankie & Bella.

meili_lo said...

hi there... my only contribution to this is, I've always wondered what it feels like to have this for a PET :) would it even be possible?

meili_lo said...

by the way, miss your thoughts in my blogs =) hope you can drop a note...


Dan Felstead said...

It's my nature. My hard wiring. Free me and I won't trouble you. I'm shy and fearful of your species. I'll disappear into the sanctuary of the forest and live my life...a life separate from you. You will know I'm here from a howl in the night but not from contact. I understand the fear of the unknown but know me now and fear not.

Anonymous said...

I am a part of a pack. I depend on my pack, and my pack depends on me. I will fight for the survival of my pack.

My pack is my family - would't you fight to defend yours? And, wouldn't you kill fresh meat to feed your family?

I am no different from you, accept me into your pack, and once accepted into mine, we can protect each other.

By caging me, you are killing me, just as you have caged yourself.

justsomethoughts... said...

this is your wolf
not mine
my wolf wears a tall embroidered hat
jane's wolf wears a hardhat and comes home each night reeking of whiskey and shouting
louie's wolf is that group of teenagers on the corner that have a never-ending stream of insults
linc's wolf wears high boots and stands outside his car with a flashlight shining in his eyes
mary's wolf sits inside her head taunting her
djim's wolf is in the villiage just beyond his with machetes, AK-47s, and moltov cocktails
so you see, i'm afraid of the big bad wolves...

Don said...

Darn. I had no idea the bar was freezing cold. I know better than to lick frozen metal, but now my nose is stuck to the bar. Life is hard when you have an IQ of 17. Darn.

Makita Jazzqueen said...

I just run, run for me, run for my life, run for my hunger, run for the heck of it... Run for the thrilling joy of running, chasing for a prey... A prey which also runs, runs for its life, for itself, for its hunger... For it knows, as every other creature around here, who I am - the most feared creature: a killer.When I give up on everything, I still have my instincts, which are my one and only guide in this wild life. So I guess my instincts make me run, make me run faster and faster... So fast, everything around me becomes a frentic blur, all I see are images moving in red - also black. So fast, I don't even feel my feet on the ground, so fast only I see my prey. And when I reach it, oh, glorious moment, I open my mouth wide, curling my lips to leave my teeth free. It's that short moment when I am able to feel my prey's fear, the fear of pain, the fear of death. It's exactly then when I bury my teeth deeply in its neck, to kill it as quickly as I can. Then all I have to do is wait a few seconds and it will all have ended. After a short but tiring sprint, all I have to do is eat. When I look up, feeling my blood leaking fangs, to contemplate the power of my legs, the strength of my jaws, I finally see what I have done. I finally see the desperate dead prey, that has definetely stop moving, under my feet, below my mouth, with a deep wound in its neck. You could call me weak, but I can't witness what I myself do, I can't bear to know how many harmless and innocent creatures I have killed.When I finally look up, feeling my blood leaking fangs, to contemplate the power of my legs, the strength of my jaws, I finally become scared of myself.