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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cold Moon

Suggested Prompt...
Offer a poem about a cold, quiet night.


Softly the wind blows
And scatters the leaves
The moon shining brightly
Beyond the trees
And stars shine
So heavenly
With no expectations
No secrets
No good-byes

~ Simplicity




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SixPackReich said...

You've been kind enough to comment upon a piece of mine, so I shall respond to your prompt.


The moon is full again,
It reminds me of the times when
We enjoyed each others presence.
Those memories quickly erased, then,
When I recall your ignorance.

Orion's in the same spot he was
That night you said you must go because
I wasn't who you thought I was.

That cold wind assaults my skin tonight,
Reminding me that I had to say goodbye,
Because you felt my words weren't right,
So now the tears fall from my eyes,
Freezing as they drop to the ground in silence.


5 minutes, but I had figured this was supposed to be a fast prompt?

Lynn ... said...

I'll take a stab at this ...


Quietly slipping up
into the night,
slowly climbing,
stretching, reaching
above the thin
blanket of clouds ...
shining down
and illuminating ripples
that gaily dance
upon the icy water ...
teasing me with the notion
of pulling heavens blanket
up to my chin.


And my time is up!

Simplicity said...

Softly the wind blows
And scatters the leaves
The moon shining brightly
Beyond the trees
And stars shine
So heavenly
With no expectations
No secrets
No good-byes

Laura Jayne said...

What exquiste poetry.

Lurbz... you can use the timer or not, always your choice. But this is amazing writing.

Lynn... "teasing me with the notion/of pulling heavens blanket/up to my chin." Wow... love that imagery.

Simplicity... the end of this is so wonderful... No Secrets/No good-byes. I really like that.

Stevie G.B. said...

She Is Gone

on this cold night
he is home too late
only to find
she is gone

on this cold night
parents say goodbye
they grow up so fast
she is gone

on this cold night
a kitten meows
for the last time
she is gone

on this cold night
the killer awaits
he loves her too much
she is gone

Unknown said...

I am a sentry on guard duty. It is around midnight and my shift has just begun. It is a cold quiet night.

The path that I walk as I guard my post is lit by the light of the moon on this cold quiet night.

The only sounds that I hear are the clicks of my boots on the cold concrete pavement as I guard my post on this cold quiet night.

I pace up and down clicking my sounds on this cold quiet night.

I am as cold but not quite as quiet as this cold quiet night.

justsomethoughts... said...

does the cold come after the quiet
or is it the quiet after the cold
i say cold after quiet
increasingly so
until icicles form at the edges of eyelashes
and words
steam rising from slightly parted lips
eyes tearing
words tearing
souls tearing

justsomethoughts... said...

rcbonay - impressive...

Sacha van Straten said...

Hi Laura Jayne and greetings from England. Thanks for dropping by my blog and the kind words you left. Accept the following as a gift of gratitude. Sacha.

Cold moon,
You are the iris of the gods,
Reflecting on seashores
The heavens' wisdom.

Cold moon,
You are the glimmer of the starlight,
The mysteries of lakeshores,
The incidents of time.

Cold moon,
You are the momentous freeze frame,
Eternity in motion,
The remembrance of dreams.

Kettle said...

Hey Laura Jayne,

At the risk of being completely unoriginal I have to write and say I just found your blog and love it. I'll stop here often. Cheers.

Laura Jayne said...

Sacha... a wonderful gift your words are. Thank you.

DK... Glad you love it and will be back. I so enjoyed yours and am thrilled you have stopped by.

JST... those three tearing lines worked so well. You have such a wonderfully unique voice. I am so glad you have shared here.

RCB... I like this use of the prompt. The repeating of the cold quiet night works well in this piece.

Stevie... dead kittens, dead shes... poor her. But very intense writing!!

meili_lo said...

hi there...

i tagged you in my blog. hope you can visit.


-P said...

Thanks Laura Jayne for your wonderful comments on my blog!

Here is my small piece..

The moon rose full in all its might;
Drowing my farm in its wondrous light!
The skies adorn peaceful hue;
Then why does it leave me feeling so blue!
Is the night, like me, lonely too?
Oh my love, the moon acts like a mirror,
reflecting my emotions when I pine for you...

Unknown said...

Thank you laura!

ShannonW said...

*wave* Hello From "Thats My Answer". You have a very interesting blog.

Stevie G.B. said...

Thanks LJ

TesoriTrovati said...

Hi Laura Jayne! I don't know how you found my blog but I am so glad you did! I wish I had had these wonderful prompts when I was a 7th grade English teacher...Here is my feable attempt...

the midnight shadows fall
across the snow-laden field
a blue-gray world without time, without motion
stillness surrounds
all around is
(or maybe that is the sound of
my own heart?)
ice daggers nip at my lungs
as i go
exhilarating in the delicious sharpness
trees cast their shadow-fingers on the ground
reaching out to me
beckoning me to come into the
dark depths of their domain
i stay on the path
m.a.r.v.e.l. at the
coloring book lines
drawn all around
awaiting the sunrise palette
to color inside
pink paint on the horizon

Anonymous said...

Goodbye My Dearest Friend

Wind rushed through my hair.
Me, giving up on it all.
My heart pumped quickly.
The edge...the rough, rocky ground
so far below.
One single tear
fell into the
beautiful nothingness.

The thrill... the colors, and
my teary eyes.
My escape, my peace.


Her wave of sadness
washed over the cold
waiting room of the
Her hands clutched a rosary tightly.
My own hands
had once clutched
the exact same one.

Me, lifted up
She cried and
i cried too.
I wrapped my arm around her
for comfort but
i was far away by then.
My dearest friend.