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Monday, March 2, 2009


Photograph by François Dubeau
François' photos and a link for his art can be found at -
Suggested prompt...
Use this image or clouds creatively in your writing today.


Orchestra of light,
prepare the overture.
A startling day
will strum through the clouds.


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Anonymous said...

Sun through clouds after near forgotten rain.
Water trickling deep, leaking through sandy soil and clay beneath, on top soil lying.
Nothing is the same;
Plants and grasses rescued are sighing.

morganna said...

He stepped out of his house onto the village's main street and looked up. He felt a twinge of dread when he looked up past the trees and saw the amazing golden sunset. It was just the kind of light the old ones always talked about being dragon's light, a perfect golden backdrop for their entrance into the village. But surely the age of dragons was past, he thought. Just then a black dot swooped across the clouds. No, please no, he prayed. Perhaps it was an eagle. The black dot came closer and closer, swooping in elaborate loops. It resolved into a green and red dragon, highlighted with gold. With one last swoop, it landed at his feet. It was smaller than he had expected, only twice as tall as he, and sitting on its haunches in front of him.

~ Denise ~ said...

They say I have my head in the clouds and that I should ground myself in reality. However, I say that my head is perfectly in the clouds, destined to look upward, with my eyes focused heaven-ward. ;)

CDB said...

Ironic, I posted this on my blog today:

Splashes of blue upon a white canvas, daybreak, cantilevered light
Snow bunnies buried in nests, look about. Then hiding in fright
Gusting, swirling and gusting, blinding with wind and with white

A pile so thick our door stays shut, Nor'easters' lesson: snowed in like King Tut
The risk exists that one little twist makes me a blissful nut:
We're very well stuck here all day, it would seem, caught in a veritable rut.

Change the outcome, realign the maligned focus, treat it like non-annoy
Channel the innermost memories and remedy the way for childlike joy
A huge red sled, two siblings and gravity pulling us down with a ploy.

Screams and shouts of happiness, ignoring wet and cold at our peril
Fresh tracks and smiles, memories solidified, forever with me carrying
Savor moments as these in perpetuity, forever etched, ne'er impaired.

Bundle up my love, and enjoy uncomplicated paradigm of Play
The sheer, unadulterated joy of a young child's first Snow Day.

Anonymous said...

Haiku on clouds -

white clouds blot the sky
to collide and pour-they race
making new faces.

Dan Felstead said...

I am here in spirit today enjoying the posts but I have total writer's block. Will try tomorrow!


septembermom said...

Orchestra of light,
prepare the overture.
A startling day
will strum through the clouds.

Unknown said...


The clouds remind us there is life in the atmosphere
As they gently float across the sky
It's hard to imagine them made of water
When they look like fluff blowing on the wind

The clouds remind us there is protection
From the harsh and glaring sun
Saving us from heat exposure
And cooling our souls in mass

The clouds remind us we are all still children
As we watch for faces or characters or symbols
Gazing up at the un-uniformed perfection
Sending daydreams up to heaven