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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Misty Morning

Photo by Highlander
Suggested prompt...
Offer a poem inspired by this image.


Wet with the mist,
she runs through the ages.

Her tale moves with her,
as she tumbles over rocks.

Nature whispers healing,
as she awaits her love.

Girl of all time,
maiden sees through the haze.

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morganna said...

The cattle appeared out of the mist,
Thundering toward us,
Pounding across the creek valley.
They swung around our hill,
Into the mist,
And were gone.
Nothing followed.

Dan Felstead said...

The trailer speeds in a blur,
Perfect metaphor of our lives
Nature remains firmly planted,
Stable, steadfast without a stir.

Nature...there before we arrived,
Will remain after we leave
Focused on the goal at hand,
Making sure that she survived.

Man on the other hand,
With no long term goals
Struggles day to day,
Instant gratification...his plan.

Nature teach us and tell,
Perhaps it is YOUR teacher we seek
The creator who's law you follow,
Should be ours as well.


Sarah said...

The whispered winds waft gently across the bog
Bearing the heady scent of fresh peat and wet wood.
The trees dance, hands in the breeze
And they sway and they laugh and gently tease
The swallowing sky.

My riding crop crack snaps his meaty hind
Bearing me forward across dirt and crushed greens.
The trees bow, supples spines dipped and devoted
And they whisper, and welcome with gentle 'hello's
The visitor flying by.

Winnie the poohi said...

Like yesterday's memories, you linger;
Gently encompass me in your arms.
Misty dawn, you tug a chord in my heart :)

Dani said...

They didn't notice

Just to get there
Not to drive

That's everything
Nothing is out there

If only to look out
Not making the effort

How small they are...

They didn't notice

septembermom said...

Wet with the mist,
she runs through the ages.

Her tale moves with her,
as she tumbles over rocks.

Nature whispers healing,
as she awaits her love.

Girl of all time,
maiden sees through the haze.

_we_the_pieces_ said...

brush the sleep
away from my eyes

pastels fade slowly
into the sky

the rich green plants
line the side of the road

a van speeds by
unaware of what i have done

what i am doing
what i will do

stop i urge
the van

stop and listen
to me tell my story

save me
from what i have done

but the van
goes on

fading into the
morning light

cagrowngirl said...

Wandering about in the morning field
What draws me out this morning

The beautiful way
That the nature sways

I walk, I walk toward my hearts desire
The clouds are rolling over the hills
As they have come to settle here
Just for a time

As I turn my back headed home
The clouds are where they are at
Exactly where they should be

I am greeted, "How was your walk"
My smile and warmth light up the room
I took a bit of it home with me

PuraPoetica said...

Misty Morning Tanka~

Joyfulness beckons

troubled feet thru silent sighs

of a morning mist

in Hope's meadow as cloudy

tendrils embrace weary flesh

~ S. Anderson aka PuraPoetica