This blog is for all who desire to create with words and images.
You are encouraged to participate in any way that is meaningful to you.

All prompts beneath the photos are only suggestions.
You are free to use the photo to be inspired to write any way you desire.
There is no deadline on posting,
you may offer your writing to any prompt anytime.
Write and you are a writer.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

About Pictures, Poetry & Prose

This blog is for all who desire to create with words and images.
You are encouraged to participate in any way that is meaningful to you.
Each day a photo or picture or possibly a quote will be posted. You are invited to use that image to create a poem, an essay, a short story, a rant, a lullaby, a song... anything you are moved to share. You are encouraged not to merely comment on the picture, as it is there to inspire your creativity. You will post your writing by clicking on comments and adding your offering. If you post as anonymous please finish your post with a pen name. There is a limit to the words that Blogger will allow so please keep posts to under 600 words (I have yet to find an exact guideline for this number in Blogger's help menu, but in testing that seems to work). If you need to go longer, and you may, you may make additional comments linking them with a Continued tag starting the additional comment post.
I encourage you to write in your own word processing program and save your words on your computer first and then copy and paste them into the comment box. Nothing is more frustrating than writing for a long bit of time and pressing submit and losing your words to cyberspace.
One week after the photo or picture is posted I will pick one offering to put beneath the image. This is not a contest, but a way of celebrating exceptional creativity. By submitting your writing in the comment area you have given me permission to add your writing to the front page of my blog.
May I
You might be asking...
  • May I comment on other people's writings as they are offered? Yes, you may. Please use this @______ (fill in appropriate name) so that all are aware who you are offering your comment to. Also please be respectful and appropriate with your words. Any flaming, ugliness or rudeness as determined by me will simply be deleted.
  • May I submit my own image(s) for consideration of a daily inspirational post? Yes, I encourage you to do so. I am seeking photos and art for the site. (365 days in a year... need images to sustain this project, dont be shy,.) You may email any photo or scan you desire me to consider to If you have a website or blog where they are available for me to download you can email me the URL with any appropriate information. By submitting to me an image you are giving me permission to use it indefinitely on this blog, indicating it is yours to offer and that you have the permission of any recognizable people in any photograph to submit that photograph to me. I make no promise that every image offered will be used, but will consider them all carefully. When submitting a photo or picture, let me know what, if any, the title of the image is, any details you think are relevant, and the name you would like me to use to credit you with the image and if you have a blog or website you would like linked make sure and let me know. I.E. Dear Laura Jayne, Here is a photo I took at the Grand Canyon. I titled it Majestic Gorge. I would like you to post it under the name - Mighty Traveler. My blog is Thank you, Bob.
  • May I write or offer something that is adult in nature? I am not here to censor ideas or thoughts, but it is my desire to keep this blog available to all who care to visit. So, if you would be willing to sit in a coffee shop and share out loud your story, rant, essay, photo, picture, poem with the general public gathered there... that is a guideline for you to consider. I reserve the right to at any time delete any offering to this blog should I deem it inappropriate.
  • May I use my writing offered here on my own blog? Yes, of course you may, but I do ask if you are inspired to write that you offer it first here and then cross post onto your blog and feel free to link.
  • May I add the Pictures, Poetry & Prose blog to my blogroll? Yes, please do. Use this link for a simple links list - . Use this link for an updating roll . Please let me know you added my site to your list and I will be thrilled to do the same for your site.
  • May I offer my writing on past posts? Yes, you may, in fact it is encouraged. Any and all posts are available for your creative mind to make an offering at any time. If you are new here and want to offer to every image here, feel free. We are writers, WRITE!
  • May I add a link to a comment back to my blog? Sure, if it is relevent you may of course offer a link back to your blog or a news story or something else of interest tied to what you are writing. However, posts that are simply there to advertise another site the comment will be deleted.
  • I see you have a Five Minute timer, may I ignore it? Yes, be creative in whatever way works for you.
  • Some/Many of the images have prompts or suggestions, may I ignore those? Of course, as stated previously... This blog is for all who desire to create with words and images. You are encouraged to participate in any way that is meaningful to you.

If you have any other questions please email me -


tschiller said...

This is a great idea and I am excited to have an outlet like this available. I will check in frequently and try to leave some words with this community.

Anonymous said...

This is just...

cw2smom said...

Hello! I was so excited to find your beautiful blog, full of lots of different art forms! How fun! Thanks for your generous offer to submit photos for publication! I will provide you with a few asap! It's nice to meet you! Blessings! Lisa

BLOGitse said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!

And thank you for this kind of new possibility! I'm IN!

I'll send you an email today/tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Hi thank you for the invite to your blog and to participate. I look forward to submitting.

Anonymous said...


Mike said...

This blog is a wonderful, inspiring resource. Thanks SO MUCH for creating it! I look forward to using its inspiration for my 365 Sonnets!


CDB said...

What a great outlet, and a great idea, thanks so much for creating the community. I love the John Irving quote.

I've already begun posting some poetry and will do more at,but I will be here for inspiration!
- Colleen

Anonymous said...

I love it and plan to come back often, as times allows. I am not sure if my trackback works - I mentioned your site in today's post:

naperville mom said...

This is great...put in my first post at

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Great site!!! I am a newcomer here but I spent some time browsing and like the collection of different ideas and mediums which they are expressed! great job bringing us all together

I was wondering though how one would get on the list of websites

I am a photographer and have been for a few decades. I have a website which promotes my works as well as gives tips and tutorials for those seeking a shortcut to the trial and error method I used when I was starting out

if you could email me at jph_65240 its a yahoo account

thank you and keep up the excellent work

christine said...

I love your site so much I have posted a link to it from my blog page, as well as telling my friends about it.

I've also suggested to the head of creative writing at the university where I'm studying that he gives it out to all his students, as it's such as inspirational idea.

Call in for a chat with me! Christine's Chatter is at :-

Christine :)

日月神教-任我行 said...