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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Be Inspired

Art by Aleta Jacobson
Aleta's art on MySpace & Tripod
Suggested prompt...
Click on this piece of art so that it fills your screen.
Spend some time just taking it in,
let it inspire you for something unusual.
Don't worry about right or wrong, let you mind be free.
When you are ready... write.


A vast array of color
Swirling side by side
Living across canvas
Where the hues abide

Inviting relaxation
Bringing calm to be
The beauty of the art
Draws life unto me

~ Denise ~

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Anonymous said...

I really love this picture, the colours and the dye on silk (it looks like silk)reminds of art class.

Sarah said...

Just a couple drops of amber
and I knew you were inside.
And now to purchase pink or blue
in nine months I'll decide.

Anonymous said...

bubbles rising to
the top break water surface.
Sun dives into sea.

~ Denise ~ said...

A vast array of color
Swirling side by side
Living across canvas
Where the hues abide

Inviting relaxation
Bringing calm to be
The beauty of the art
Draws life unto me

septembermom said...

Scale those cliffs
and dive.

Immersed in turquoise,
the layers of color
move all about you.

Stronger and wiser,
the artist meets the canvas.

Heather said...

Circular wonders of yellow
appear before my eyes
Drifting off from the land
and gently into the skies

Some may think these are bubbles
maybe planets other than Earth
I say these are the spirits
from our loved ones being rebirthed

Lives fully formed have touched others
in depth of love and heart
Spirits awaiting their glory
as leaving their shell, they depart

Drifting away through the wind
they find One greater than they awaits
Brighter, in fullness and wonder
they see that there is no real gate

Shining so boldly and strong
welcoming the glow from their life
Waiting so ready and firmly
wanting to show them no strife

This is My Glory of wonder
the glory that you've lifted in praise
You see, My dear children, the answer
to what you have sought all your days

All that you touched, hoped and worked for
everything I have seen with My eye
Has brought you to live in this Glory
remaining my side.

CDB said...

Three pages from the sun
Looking down, another one
Looking glass, over the top
Thread the pass, never stop.

Dani said...

Sarah- I love your response! Great thought!

I love to look through rose-colored glasses
And experience truth made more perfect
I love to see the world through a happier eye
And find in it the true potentials of its immense love
I love to see through a child's eye
As he finds wonder at the most simple of things
I love to find myself deep in a happier realm
One where golden tears fall in joy
And fill my heart with beauty.

Dan Felstead said...

The checklist completed. Helmets locked in place. Outside ladder deployed. CAPCOM in a muffled, fading tone repeats..."Go for EVA".

As the hatch opens and the hiss of escaping gas fades to total silence, the realization hits her that she is the first human to set foot outside the solar system and view a totally new sky with a completely new star pattern. The multiple suns cast a pinkish glow on the heavy atmosphere. Flatlands ringed by towering mountains brought her face to face with her new reality...a reality unlike any experienced before. Was she the first visitor?

Then she saw from the corner of her visor a bright silver flash of light. Turning her head in the helmet for a better straight on view, her question was answered. She was face to face with the remnants of a created , not natural, enclosure of some sort with the metal fragments glinting in the multiple sunlight.

This was going to be a long day.


~ Denise ~ said...

Very honored that you choice my offering...thanks a bunch! ;)