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Friday, February 6, 2009

Wag the Dog

Photo by Brett Trafford
visit his site 365 to 42 for more beautiful photographs.
Suggested Prompt...
Write a poem or short story
from his POV (point of view)
consider making it first person.


Mmm, ya know, I really would like that hand down here on my head...just a little scratch behind my ear would be really nice...yeah, really nice.

Wanna come follow me? Wanna? We can go in the other room where we can lay on the carpet together and you can scratch my tummy...yeah? That would be really nice.

Dani and Jimmy

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Scriptor Senex said...

I just don’t understand it. Normally when he gets that camera thingy in his hands he gets his coat on, puts my lead on and hey presto we’re off for walkies. All he’s been doing all morning is playing with the thing and he hasn’t made any effort to take me out. What do I have to do to get him to shift himself and TAKE ME OUT!

Sarah said...

bacon bacon ba- OH! It's a thing! Look! Look! Master come here and see this wonderful thing I have found. Look. Look. Looooooooook... He's not looking. :/

SabrinaFairchild said...

It's lonely being the only creature here with four legs and covered in hair. Well, maybe not the covered in hair part. I long for a friends, a real friend, a friend like me. I love my master, he takes good care of me and I appreciate that but it's not the same. He is hardly ever here and when he is he’s lying down with his eyes closed making this awful and rather unattractive noise. No wonder the last female never came back. So far I have ruined his sofa and his bed and not because I don’t know how to behave but because of the sheer boredom. He comes home rather late, too late for my liking and I am woken up to this scream. I am told that I’m a bad dog and to look at what I’ve done, which I think is rather silly as I know exactly what I’ve done so it’s not going to send me on a guilt trip. Humans are the most intelligent creature my tail! He is yet to work out that I need company and attention. Just because I’m a dog it doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings…

Dan Felstead said...

Hey man I'm really sorry...I just couldn't stop myself. I have this thing about chewing anything that is not tied down. I need counseling. I don't understand why but in my younger years, I had so many bad habits. I have learned to deal with them and thankfully my owner didn't just throw me out with the trash that time I chewed his new leather briefcase. He has really put up with a lot over the last 6 years.

Now I am so freaked out that my sons will do the must be in the genes.

My God, where did that piece of white stuff come from...N e w B a l a n c e...wha?....Scooter where are you and what are you doing?


~ Denise ~ said...

Mommy...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. I only barked because I want your attention

Yes, I know you have to work. But, I was thinking maybe we could play fetch. Pppllleaaassee??

I know my sad eyes gets you every time! Here...let me look sadder. What if I were to put my paws on you in an attempt to get you to talk to me and rub my head?

C'mon, can wait. Drop what your doing and let's go have fun!

Can we?

Laura Jayne said...

Dog sits at the front door.
Dog waits patiently for man to come.
Waits for collar and leash,
sniffs and smells and running that
make Dog know the good of being dog.

Dog lies by the front door.
Dog waits patiently for man to come, open door.
Waits for chasing birds,
squirrels and those big shiny things
that make Dog fearless and fearful at the same time.

Dog sleeps by the front door.
No man opens the door today.
No man puts the collar and leash on.
No man seems to understand how important
chasing, sniffing, smelling, and running are to Dog.

Tomorrow Dog will wait again.

CDB said...

I will wait
For no man
But you
And your gait
As slow as mine
Through the gate
And sands of time
Together we're off
Exciting smells
And marks to make
Excitement swells
This is my favorite
Thing of all

Dani said...

Mmm, ya know, I really would like that hand down here on my head...just a little scratch behind my ear would be really nice...yeah, really nice.

Wanna come follow me? Wanna? We can go in the other room where we can lay on the carpet together and you can scratch my tummy...yeah? That would be really nice.

septembermom said...

Why are you staring at me right now? Don't you know that I just sleep, eat and hopefully get out once in a while? Nothing too exciting going on here. You should be paying attention to that little bobbling diaper kid who is about to put mashed potatoes on the TV screen. If only I could talk. . .

Heather said...

Look deeply into my eyes, I know that you love me...quit telling me that. I have something important for you to know. Look at my eyes.

Why can't you see that I need more than your love. My body aches, I'm getting tired now. I don't want to leave you, my friend. Really, I don't but I know that my breathe will continue on.

Put the camera down. I know you think I'm so wonderfully good to look at but right now, you need to understand. My time is coming to an end soon. Oh, if only I could tell you, how much I love you...

Look into my eyes.

Steve Gravano said...

My master I see you
so busy at work.
Your nose in that book
And me with my smirk.
Its time for a walk
A brake and some fun
Put that book down and
lets go for a run.

Ana - The Writer Today said...

Oh,Oh..he is looking at me funny. Did he find that bone I hid under his bed? I don't have a good feeling about this. Let me look as innocent and pathetic as possible. He won't dare punish me if he feels sorry for me. I hope it works....

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're doing that sneezing thing again. I'm sorry, really. Can you tell? If it'll make you feel any better I can chew up those books you were throwing around. It-aly. Ally is a girl's name, isn't it? Are you mad at her or something? Wait, what's that your saying?! I can stay? Oh thank God! Its freezing out there! But that's not why your sick is it? No. I know its me, but like you said, since the trip to visit Ally is full, you're gonna need some company. Just wait, I'm good at that. And fetch.
God bless you!

shabby girl said...

Why do I look so sad? Why do you people keep asking?I'm not sad! I know, I know. It's the eyebrows, right? I've heard that my whole life! I tried rubbing them off on the carpet once...not a good idea.

Anonymous said...

"Poggy, have you heard the latest stupid thing my human did? He threw out some perfectly good beef. He took it out of the back of the fridge, opened up that silver stuff it was wrapped in and wrinkled his nose.
"Sure, it was a little ripe. I probably wouldn't have eaten it, but it sure would have been good for rolling in!
"He threw it out in that metal can outside, so there's no way I can get to it.
"Sometimes he just aggravates me so much! Then he complains that I look sad. What an idiot."