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Sunday, February 22, 2009

O - Sunday's Alphabet Prompt

Photo by Kathryn
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Suggested prompt...
O for an Orange.
Include a bit of citrus fruit creatively in your writing today.


a jewel glowing on the tree
just waiting to be picked
sweet sunshine in a peel
pry off the bitterness,
bite into sweet succulent
juice running down your chin


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Pretty Me!! said...


Out of my
Attract my
Grooves of
Eyes..ah! my
Sweet childhood.

I have tried a acrostic with ORANGES here. In acrostic, the first word of each line makes the name of the poem.

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morganna said...

a jewel glowing on the tree
just waiting to be picked
sweet sunshine in a peel
pry off the bitterness,
bite into sweet succulent
juice running down your chin

Marianna said...

Oh what a pleasure to have you here today...
come, sit, can I offer you some orangeade?

Please stay, you can't leave now, it's gettin so late...
Oh come on, it'll be fun! I'll play a piano serenade...

Marc said...

Orange, tell me true:
Why does nothing rhyme with you?
Did you fight with Blue,
Red spread a rumor or two?

Tell me what White writes
Just to absorb the spotlight;
Does Black think he's right
To treat you with so much spite?

Yellow so mellow
That at you she oft bellows!
Orange be not low,
You are still admired so!

Stand so tall and proud,
Hide not behind your shy shroud,
Rise above this crowd,
And look down from sun-tinged clouds!

Know that each sunset
Is forever in your debt,
For without your sweat
Their beauty we would forget.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

The hen took her chicks into a glade
Where citrus provided welcome shade;
There, beside some fallen fruit,
A chick cried out “What a hoot!
Look! There's the orange Mama laid!”

dani said...

Pick it
Touch its rough textured surface
Smell its sweet aroma
Breaking it open
The sweet aroma surrounds you
The scent is beautiful
Drink it in
It consumes your soul
Bring it to your face
Touch it with your tongue
Bite into it with your teeth
The many tiny treasures burst within your mouth
Sweet, delicate, delicious
Savor it
Cherish its caress within your mouth
The sweet but sour delicacy
fills you with ecstasy
Natural sugar
Sweet perfection

Cynthia said...

cosmo, i can't stop giggling at that. too cute!!!

Pretty Me!! said...

loved reading other enteries !! some r so cute :)

SSQuo said...

This roundish wondrous colored fruit
Thick exterior, who’d guess it has juice

Across she sat from the gentleman she called the one
And promised she’d be the ‘good girl’ for once

She peeled off the skin, and squirt squirt squirt
The winks kept on coming, ‘Ciao’ he said, now, aint that curt!