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Sunday, February 8, 2009

M - Sunday's Alphabet Prompt

Photo by Jim Pankey "WildSpirit"
Jim's Photography can be found at
Suggested prompt...
Moon Rise


Sun rises in the east;
Moon laughs and refuses to cede;
Trees watch on tiptoe.

tammy vitale

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Anonymous said...

Sun rises in the east;
Moon laughs and refuses to cede;
Trees watch on tiptoe.

~ Denise ~ said...

Why are you so far away?

Won't you come near so that I can know you more fully? I want to be close to you but I can never seem to get there.

Please come near me, won't you?

Ian Buchan said...

This image reminds me of a warm evening in July 1969. My girlfriend and I were walking down a North London street, on our way to have supper with friends. Glancing up I saw the same faint outline as this; I said to her,
"do you know we are looking at something we have never seen before?"
She looked up and down the street,
"No, what is it?" I gestured up to the sky
"There are men on the moon tonight!" I replied. small step for a man.....

Louise | Italy said...

That night in the Himalaya. The full moon impossibly close. The mountains shadowed bitterest black. The snow throbbing with unearthly, compelling, silver light. A moon to enchant the unwary. Come outside. Come to me. Bathe in the light. Walk on the light. Fly up, up, up to - the - light.

Dani said...

In the frosty daylight
the moon appears,
like a dusty shadow
faded into the blue.
Seems as though someone
pasted white tissue paper
onto a blue backdrop.
The imperfect circle
silently calls to
the shadows of night
as the sunlight says goodbye.

Anonymous said...

what a fake looking picture!
like a painting...
by a first-time artist,
who dares to try new things.
afraid to fail;
but is encouraged:
how can we succeed if we never try?

Anonymous said...

Prometheus, your task just got bigger!