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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Women in Red

Art by Tammy Vitale
Visit her website -
Suggested prompt...
Be inspired by this art and use it to create a poem or a story.


Be wary of the woman in red;
for she knows where she is going
and will not think twice to destroy those in her path.


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Unknown said...


Women in red used to get a bad rap
Ladies of the night, street-walkers, hos
But something funny happened on the road of life
And women in red have improved their goal

No longer just standing on every street corner
These women in red have a cause
Heart healthy a-dresses is the name of the game
Doing good for females young and old

(This was inspired by the Campbell's Healthy Heart Campaign)

Sal Troccoli said...

Good day poet, I have been reading your poems and I want you to know the art of having your heart, my time will enjoy every moment you walked the line of your poems.

My hugs from afar and again my congratulations.

Dani said...


Long black Tresses
Short blond Locks
Plump red Lips
Sleek red Dresses
Primped and Painted
Ruffles and Lace
Stylish and Sleek
Walk, now Turn
Fashion and Grace
No Identity
Just a Dress

Anonymous said...

Tonight was a night like any other night. The ladies put on their red dresses and attached silk flowers to their hats. The silk stockings slid onto their shapely legs like a second skin. They were off to the bars for the evening to find someone, anyone, up for an evening of those sorts of games played by folks who hide their souls behind their eyes, because sometimes all a girl wants is a drink and a cuddle, not drunken insights into their souls. Sure it made putting makeup on a little tougher, but removing the eyes from their faces really kept things where they belonged: souls locked up tight in dresses to small to take a proper breath, and courage missing.

who wanted to be just as anonymous and faceless as them.

septembermom said...

Red Women of the Street

We are vacant.
Categorized by those visitors.
Shaped like clay in their eyes.
Red fascinates that voyeur.
We wish to transport to nowhere.

shabby girl said...

Don't all women have times in their lives, maybe their whole lives, where they could be considered women in red?
I love red! It says, YES! Or, Ohhh Yeah. Or Mmm Hmm.
It somehow speaks to knowing who I am, and feeling comfortable in my own skin.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if all women, and men, felt(red!)good about who they are? Good enough to try whatever creative outlet, or dream they have for themselves?
Go on! Be red!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for using my painting!

Unknown said...

Be wary of the woman in red;
for she knows where she is going
and will not think twice to destroy those in her path.

Heather said...

Side by side, they stand together; thick and thin, life's lessons learned.

Wearing red hats and satin dresses, looking for love and fun in the world around them.

One, she is a free spirit; ready for the adventure to roam.

The other, she is timid but strong; ready to live life boldy and with purpose.

Together, they stand able to find balance in a friendship without strings.

Separate, pain and hurt find them as they seek love on their own, alone.

The day will come, when one finds this love she has always dreamed of.

Their friendship fades.