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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Holding Safe

Art by Tammy Vitale
Visit her website -
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Sweet child,
Life in my arms,
Flesh of my flesh,
Heart of my heart,
I love you,
Always and forever.


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A Fart in the Cosmic Wind said...

heart sound heard close
both within and without
comfort forever

Cynthia said...

A world in peril
Sleep safe, babe of peace, it will
all be over soon

Tammy Vitale said...

I a bit brain dead...but this is so appropriate since I welcomed my Granddaughter into the world last Thursday. Sorry I can't contribute a spot of poetry, but love that you chose this picture!

June Freaking Cleaver said...

A Mother's Lament

Little one, here you are safe
My arms support you
Protecting you from the world
My hugs will comfort you
When you are scared

You will grow, and need me less
One day, (my heart knows it is too soon)
I will use my arms
To hug you once more,
and wave goodbye.

rosebud101 said...

Sweet child,
Life in my arms,
Flesh of my flesh,
Heart of my heart,
I love you,
Always and forever.

Crazy Mo said...
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Crazy Mo said...

Blessings little one; for you I pray,
The Lord and Lady guide your way.
May they watch over you night and day,
And protect you always come what may.

Simply Heather said...

Oh, my darling little one
If only I could hold you like this forever
And touch your sweet little face
Keeping you within this embrace

My heart is warm and full of love
Nothing else could distract me right now
I’ll always be here, little one
Even in those days beyond

The desire to see you grow
Creates a deep longing within me
To keep you young and pure
I long to see your future sure

Holding you now, my little one
Feel my love and commitment to you
For your life long, I will have strength
Bonded together for eternity’s length

Sabrina said...

New mother.
Fresh and young.
Dreams and Starlight in her eyes.
Holding God's miracle.
Believing all things.
Soft skin against soft skin.
Hearts beating familiar together.
Sweet tears shared softly.
Long journey beginning.
New mother.

septembermom said...

"Child Will Create In Me"

Your breath
will complete my canvas.
Your touch
will lead my dance.
Your love
will raise my song.
Your life
conducts my symphony.

Dani said...

A mother's love
Will keep her child
Safe from harms around
She protects the small piece
Of herself
In warm embrace, no sound

The peace of moments
Held so still
Forever kept within
Her heart speaks words
So wise and pure
For every life's begin

Through flames of sorrow
She holds true
The baby in her arms
For all her life
She dreamt of this
Sweet child full of charms

A mother's love
Surpasses all
Even her own life
For within the child
He holds dear
Her love, as he'll face strife

christine said...

Circle of life, your perfect round face.

Circle of love, my arms around you.

Circle of faith, I'll never let you down.

Circle of hope, I'll help your dreams come true.

Circle of contenment, I'll feed you all I can.

Circle of happiness, we'll smile at the world together